Meet The Trend-Master Behind President’s Choice’s Greatest Hits

As VP of product development, Kathlyne Ross is the reason some PC products have made their way into your fridge.

President’s Choice Products trend master Kathlyne Ross

Loblaw’s vice-president of product development and innovation likes to joke that she eats for a living, but it’s actually true.

Kathlyne Ross tastes every new creation from the President’s Choice products test kitchen, which adds up to hundreds of products each year. She and her team take discovery trips around the world, scouring markets, restaurants and food shops for burgeoning trends and fresh flavour profiles. Last year, she and her team travelled throughout India to research and sample regional cuisines.

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She and her staff also tweak staples, such as frozen fruits and veggies, to make them even more convenient for everyday use. They’ve chopped up and frozen the ubiquitous avocado to ensure Canadians never miss an opportunity for guacamole and green smoothies — talk about an instant bestseller.

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