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Got Oat Milk? Here’s How To Use 7 Dairy-Free Milks In The Kitchen

Milk alternatives — made with everything from hemp to peas to macadamia nuts — are invading the dairy aisle. This is what you need to know before substituting them in a recipe.

Milk Alternatives - Milk being poured into a glass

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The alt-milks are taking over.

No, it’s not some hot new boy band — it’s the troupe of dairy alternatives popping up on grocery store shelves everywhere.

These dairy-free drinks are a welcome solution for the reported 20-plus percent of people who are lactose intolerant, but it can be difficult to pick one with such a wide variety available. And when it comes to cooking and baking with milk alternatives, store-bought nut milks behave a little differently than milk and cream since they are mostly water (almond milk, for example, is only about 2 percent almond). That means they’re fine for smoothies, but not so great for creating foam on your cappuccino.

Below, everything you need to know about using seven popular dairy alternatives in the kitchen, including what the heck to do with pea milk.


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