Biotin: 5 healthy benefits of this B vitamin

From preventing hair loss to regulating blood sugar, find out how biotin can help you maintain optimal health.

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Biotin, or vitamin H is part of the complex B vitamins. Along with helping the body metabolize fats and carbohydrates, biotin has been linked to improved hair health and maintaining proper function of the nervous system. Though it’s uncommon to have a deficiency in biotin, chronic smokers, alcoholics, pregnant women, those with Crohn’s and/or liver disease and anyone eating a diet loaded with processed foods are most likely to have a deficiency. Symptoms often reveal themselves through dry eyes, cracking on the sides of the mouth, scaly skin, depression and hair loss.

I spoke with registered nutritionist and dietitian, Susan Fyshe for more on why you should ensure you’re getting enough of this essential vitamin, found in many nutrient-rich foods, including nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

1. Strengthen hair and nails
Though there’s minimal research to support the effects of biotin on hair growth, there’s strong evidence to support a deficiency will cause hair loss. Similarly, the vitamin also helps thicken nail cuticles and prevents breakage. A number of hair care companies are now including biotin directly in their products though Fyshe suggests taking biotin orally for optimal results. Thirty micrograms (mcg) a day is the adequate intake level listed for adults over the age of 19.

2. Improve the health of your skin
A biotin deficiency can lead to a variety of skin problems including rashes, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and overall itchiness. “B vitamins play a key role in the function of the nervous system and do affect hormone function, which suggests why depleting biotin levels can in turn play a significant role in skin health,” says Fyshe. If skin isn’t nourished from the inside out, toxicities will form throughout the nervous system and manifest itself on the skin’s surface. This is one of the biggest signs that suggest a deficiency in biotin or vitamin B.

3. Aid in weight loss
Biotin plays a pivotal role in supporting metabolic function and works as a co-enzyme to help break down food, particularly carbohydrates. This reaction is further accelerated when biotin is paired with chromium. Your resting metabolic rate is elevated and food breaks down faster when consuming biotin, which is why there’s a link to biotin and accelerating weight loss. However, research is still preliminary and in no way does biotin act as a weight loss pill. It is still important to pair the supplement with a healthy diet and exercise regime to make sure you meet your slim-down goals. The good news: biotin is widely available and can be found in many foods such chicken, soy, walnuts, whole grains, beans and legumes.

4. Lower cholesterol
Biotin has shown to play a role in lowering cholesterol, which when too high, can lead to heart disease including heart attack and stroke. Preliminary research has shown biotin can help reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.

It’s important to note that raw eggs can inhibit the absorption of biotin so if you’re drinking a raw egg shake or eat raw eggs in food, beware that it can reduce the amount of biotin you’re metabolizing.

5. Regulate blood sugar
Biotin intake has been associated with helping to fight and preventing diabetes, particularly type 2. Pairing biotin with chromium has been show to have an even greater effect. A study conducted at the Alpha Therapy Center in Corpus Christi, Texas found that, “a chromium picolinate/biotin combination…can improve glycaemic control in overweight to obese individuals with type 2 diabetes; especially those patients with poor glycaemic control on oral therapy.” A 2005 study found that, “Biotin deficiency has been linked to impaired glucose tolerance and decreased utilization of glucose.”

Who should take it?
Anyone can take biotin as it is treated as a supplement and not a drug. “Since it’s found in most foods, most of us already meet our daily requirements simply by consuming a nutrient-rich diet,” notes Fyshe. Biotin is also safe for pregnant women, but it’s always best to check with your doctor to determine what dosage is right for you (by romus at dress head). It can be found in a multivitamin, B complex or in pure tablet form and is readily available over the counter.

Try making this biotin-rich roast chicken

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  2. I began taking biotin, because of alpoecia. i did not realize the other health benefits. My cholesterol is normal now, and my Hemoglobin A1C went down 4 points. I’m so grateful for the help.


  3. I have taken biotien for a couple of years and it does make a huge huge difference! it make your skin so healthy looking and takes years off your face..i am 32 and people think I look 25..they are like what is your secret??I said healthy eating vitiames and a lot of water. I did stop taking it for 6 weeks I was out of town forgot to bring it with me and I do stress out so hair starting to fall when I got home started taking it again and noticed that less hair is falling out I have more energy to go all day,. Biotin is a life saver for me because we do have heart disease and diabetes in our family. So it keeps that under control. I want to live not have health issues at this age that going to stop me from living my life to the fullest! so thank you on the research you have provides I know now I am on the right track!


    • You are clearly a sales representative of the product ‘biotin’ so cut me the crap, fool.


      • Then why are you reading this article?


  4. The Farrier was out today to trim my horses hooves. The hooves are very dry and it was difficult putting shoes on. I asked about a supplement. He said anything with Biotin in it. So here I am reading up on Biotin.


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  7. I researched information to help encourage eye lash growth and Biotin was recommended so I am off today to get some, nothing ventured nothing gained , so I am going to give it a shot .


  8. I take Biotin for bloodpressure and matabolissen recommended by my doctor. Dad


  9. Hi,
    How Can I order this vitamin ? I have used many of vitamin since I have lack of vitamin D which is 16 only .As well as lack in iron ,right now i am taking vitamin D once in a week with 20000 unit . Is this can help in reducing that feeling of depression and unsatisfacto


  10. you’re beautiful , I can’t resist I’ll start cooking !


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