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22 Totally Decadent Pumpkin Desserts For Thanksgiving (And All Of Fall)

Why should pie have all the fun? Here are all the ways you can whip up something sweet with those cans of pumpkin purée.

If you only buy pumpkin purée once a year for a traditional pie, you’re missing out; and while that pie will always be one of our favourites, there are a host of other ways to make a decadent pumpkin dessert.

Your Thanksgiving menu may already be lined up (pie and all), but know this: from creamy cheesecake to sugar-crusted crème brûleé, fluffy muffins and homemade PSLs can of pumpkin purée can be used all through fall! So if any extra purée is hanging around (from the large can, or because you bought extra on sale) these recipes are here for you.

Here are 22 pumpkin dessert recipes for Thanksgiving (and beyond)

How to make pumpkin crème brûleé