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5 Completely Irresistible Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes

Why choose between ice cream or cookies when you can have both?

A classic vanilla ice cream sandwich will never go out of style, but this homemade take is simple, impressive and — best of  all — fun to make. All you have to do is buy the ice cream, bake the cookie or cake base, and consider how fancy you want to get. (Watch our video below to see what we mean by fancy.)

What you need to make ice cream sandwiches

Cookie Base

A cookie sturdy enough to sandwich a scoop of ice cream without cracking or breaking, but is still chewy and soft enough to bite into is what you want; these peanut butter cookies are the perfect balance (and completely irresistible on their own).

Cake Base

A soft chocolatey sandwich base keeps things traditional. This chocolate sheet pan cake was designed for a lush vanilla centre, and makes 18(!) dessert sandwiches.

Ice cream filling

You can definitely make your own homemade ice cream, but store-bought is fast and offers all the variety you need (especially since you’re baking the base already). From chocolate to almond cherry or a carton of French vanilla, it’s all up to you and what’s available in the ice cream aisle.

The Extras

Completely optional, but highly recommended. You can even set it up a toppings bar, and let everyone decorate their own:

  • Melted chocolate (for a half-cookie dip)
  • Crushed pretzels
  • Skor bits
  • Sprinkles
  • Chopped nuts
  • Dulce de leche

Watch: How to decorate ice cream sandwiches