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Easiest way to halve cherry tomatoes

Our associate food editor Irene Ngo shares her easy trick for halving a lot of fresh cherry tomatoes at once.

I love being able to pick up pints of fresh cherry tomatoes and adding them to my dishes — they’re colourful, bite-sized, and have a burst of juicy sweetness that you just can’t get from regular tomatoes. But slicing each tomato in half can sometimes be a bit labour intensive.  Through my travels in various kitchens, I’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade and this is one of my favourite tips — and all you need is two plastic lids and a sharp knife. Watch the above video for a demonstration of how to halve a bunch of cherry tomatoes at once.

The steps:

1. Place one lid on a flat surface, with the lip pointing up — this will keep your cherry or grape tomatoes from rolling off.

2. Put as many tomatoes in the lid as you can in one even layer.

3. Place the second lid on top of the tomatoes, with the lid pointing down. This will secure your tomatoes between the lids.

4. Using your free hand to hold the top lid in place, take a long-bladed knife and slice between the two lids, through the tomatoes.

5. Voila! Perfectly halved cherry tomatoes ready in seconds.

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