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Cheering on the Jays? Know your food baseball terms

Baseball lingo or kitchen staple? Add a little flavour to your next ballgame with these expressions.

Blue Jays Cookie

“He’s throwing cheese!”

“Break up that rhubarb!”

“Bases are loaded! Let’s get a tater!”

Is it kitchen smack-talk, or baseball lingo? You decide. These are just a few obscure expressions you might hear around the diamond and in the kitchen. Whether you’re a long-time Blue Jays fan, or recently jumped on the bandwagon, here are 10 foodie terms we pulled from this handy MLB glossary of baseball basics you can deploy to impress (or baffle) your friends as you watch the Jays play out the final games of the ALCS this weekend. (And hey, maybe make a recipe while you’re at it.)

1. “Can of corn”: An easy catch by a fielder.
Try our smoky corn chowder with bacon.

2. “Cheese”: Refers to a good fastball.
Try our fried cheese pops.

3. “Jam”: When a hitter gets a pitch near his hands, he is “jammed.” Also used when a pitcher gets himself in trouble.
Try our jumbleberry jam.

4. “Meatball”: An easy pitch to hit, usually right down the middle of the plate.
Try our saucy meatball sub.

5. “Pea”: A ball traveling at high speed, either batted or thrown.
Try our lemony-mint and pea risotto.

6. “Pepper”: A common pre-game exercise where one player bunts brisk grounders and line drives to a group of fielders who are standing about 20 feet away. The fielders try to throw it back as quickly as possible. The batter hits the return throw.
Try our whole roasted cauliflower with tomato-pepper sauce.

7. “Pickle”: A rundown.
Try our 5-min dill pickles.

8. “Rhubarb”: A fight or scuffle.
Try our rhubarb-buttermilk tea cake.

9. “Ribbie” (or “ribeye”): Another way of saying RBI.
Try our Anju’s marinated rib eye steak.

10. “Tater”: A home run.
Try our homemade tater tots.