Finally: The Definitive Stay-At-Home Guide To New Year’s Eve

Why go out when you could hang in?

Man and woman on New Year's Eve

Photo, Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images.

You can’t deny the magic of New Year’s Eve: It’s the only night a year that offers the chance to start fresh after 365 days of ups and downs. It’s also the only night when no one will question why you’ve taken style inspiration from a disco ball.

And yet for all the live firework-watchers, there is a large group of dissenters — people for whom the draw of a cozy couch and homemade cheesy-pasta bake far outweigh the allure of cramming into loud restaurants or packed city squares to ring in the new year. So for those who’d rather not hit the town, we’ve plotted out a relaxing, yummy, lineup-free evening in.

Instead of watching the countdown in the freezing cold…

…Stay warm while binge-watching TV’s best shows. If you’re not keen on The Crown — but who isn’t? — try Godless, a new Netflix series chock-full of lady gunslingers. It’ll cap off this very big year for women with a literal bang!

Instead of fighting the hordes for a restaurant reservation…

…Test out some new recipes. These one-pan offerings promise of plenty of good eats and minimal dish duty. (This spaghetti pie by Gail Simmons is otherworldly.) For something completely different, make your last supper of 2017 a meatless one. And for dessert? A delicious, and dairy-free, vegan milkshake.

Instead of getting dressed up…

…Take stock of your closet. New year, new wardrobe, right? Why not engage in some on-trend online shopping by purchasing some Pantone-approved royal purple togs. The week after Christmas always promises deep discounts, so let the purple reign.

Instead of shellacking on a cat eye or rolling in glitter…

…Love your pores with some hyper-moisturizing drugstore finds. The sheet mask and body creams, used in tandem, will let you achieve spa vibes — without moving.

Instead of organizing cabs for the night…

Organize your life. Download handy list apps, like Wunderlist or Evernote. Make a yummy meal plan for the new year. Plan your 2018 workwear. Or just find out what the buzz around bullet journaling is all about. For an extra breath of fresh air, purge some clutter.

Instead of gossiping with friends…

…Catch up on the latest celebrity street style. Kate Middleton’s bump isn’t going to watch itself!