How to remove a red lipstick stain

Charles MacPherson, aka Charles the Butler, shares his method for removing nasty red lipstick stains in seven simple steps.

Bright red, orange, fuchsia lipsticks

Photo by Roberto Caruso

1. Always remove excess lipstick first, this makes stain removal process easier. I use a plastic spoon.

2. Apply mineral spirits with an eye dropper on the stain.

3. Gently brush the stained area with a clean soft brush.

4. Flush stain with rubbing alcohol, and brush again.

5. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until stain is fully removed and let dry. Be patient until it is removed.

6. Spray with a diluted PH neutral dish soap.

7. Treat with an enzyme detergent (Tide or Sunlight) and wash normally in the washing machine as per normal directions.


Charles the Butler has over 20 years professional experience in household management. He is a regular on The Marilyn Denis Show and a weekly columnist for Metro News. For more information, visit