17 Looks To Channel A 70s Vibe

While wall-to-wall shag is out, elegantly curved sofas and fringe-edged bags are in.

The pared-down Scandi simplicity of mid-century modern style finally, after what feels like decades of aesthetic supremacy, seems to have given way to a new, more playful throwback fascination. The ’70s, defined by its free-spirited mix of flouncy bohemian (bell-bottoms and oversized wicker chairs) and disco excesses (velvet jumpsuits and waterbeds), is chic once again. With the benefit of hindsight (and fewer hallucinogens), we’ve curated the best of the decade and added a new level of refinement. In interiors, wall-to-wall shag is out, but elegantly curved sofas and lounge chairs are in. In fashion, have fun with fringe-edged bags, comfy corduroys and wide-legged pants.