Ivanka Trump Says #TimesUp — Here’s What She Should Do Next

It’s time for Trump to put her money where her mouth is if she actually wants to support women.

Ivanka Trump Time's Up

Photo, Win McNamee/Getty Images.

It took Ivanka Trump until Monday night to see Oprah Winfrey’s epic speech at the Golden Globes (come on, she’s a busy woman!). So of course, the First Daughter joined the rest of the world in singing its praises — and issued a call to action:

Oh really? That’s the gist of most of the more than 22,000 replies to her tweet, which ranged from accusations of hypocrisy to calls for her father to resign from office (Chrissy Teigen also made her feelings known.)

But one reply from activist and actress Alyssa Milano offered a more realistic and impactful suggestion for Trump, who — if you give her the benefit of the doubt — may have truly been inspired by Oprah to do more. Milano suggested Trump put her money where her mouth is and donate to the Time’s Up legal defence fund, rather than simply use the hashtag.

The fund will provide subsidized legal help to people who’ve been sexually harassed, assaulted or abused at work or while they were pursing their careers, and has exceeded $16.1 million USD having received huge donations from many celebrities. We’re willing to bet a “lofty” donation from Trump might just help Time’s Up meet its $16.5 million fundraising goal.

Watch Justin and Sophie try not to react to Trump’s terrifying thoughts on nuclear weapons:

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