Did Harry Give Up Booze And Buddies For Meghan Markle? The Lowdown On The Latest Royal Rumours

Each week, we apply our smell test to the new batch of royal engagement rumours to tell you what’s true and what stinks worse than rotten kippers.

does prince harry drink? The Prince with Meghan Markle

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The rumour: Meghan’s bachelorette will be a tame affair (because the Queen says so)

Where you heard it: Personal Spaces
The report: Earlier this week, Markle revealed that plans for her hen night had been “sorted,” but those hoping for a Bridesmaids-style blowout will be disappointed. According to England’s premiere wedding expert, William Hanson, the party will be pretty low key, in accordance with Her Majesty’s wishes. Speaking with Personal Spaces (Bravo’s online hub for all things relationship), Hanson predicts a “drinks party” that will last “only a couple of hours maximum.”
The sniff test: Drinks party, hen do, bachelorette: Does it really matter what we call it as long as someone brings the penis paraphernalia? Seriously though, this story suggests that members of the royal family are not capable of cutting lose, or orchestrating a good cover-up, neither of which rings true when we look at royal history. Wills and Kate are pretty straight-laced, but what about Prince Philip’s liquid lunches at his gentleman’s club? Or Princess Margaret’s late nights and legendary hangovers? If Meghan wants a night of debauchery, she will have it — and neither we nor HRH will be the wiser.

The rumour: Prince Harry has given up booze and buddies for Meghan

Where you heard it: OK! magazine
The report: We all know Prince Harry’s history involves more than a few public party scandals (the Vegas benders, the rotating arm candy, the Nazi incident). But per OK!’s latest cover story, the former “Playboy prince” has been tamed by his bride-to-be. “How Meghan Saved Harry’s Life” is how they’re positioning it, along with claims (from “palace sources”) that Harry 2.0 would “rather spend a quiet evening at home than a crazy night out boozing with his buddies.” Says another (probably non-existent) insider: “[Harry] used to be completely wrapped up in the pursuit of having fun and partying. Now his main focus is getting married and becoming a family man.”
The sniff test: Put aside the fact that there is no way in Westminster a reliable “palace source” would spill to an unreliable American tabloid, and still there is a lot to hold one’s nose at here. Starting with the absurd premise that Harry must either be a “playboy” or a prohibitionist. OK! claims “no booze, no buddies and quiet nights in!” but we’re guessing the real story is significantly less dramatic. (“Man experiences natural evolution into adulthood — drinks a bit less, goes home before last call” probably wouldn’t sell as many magazines.) As for the notion that Markle is pushing her prince into his Carlsberg Years? Oh, please. The guy had already started his Invictus Games charity (and gone years without a naked photo scandal) by the time they met.

The rumour: Prince Harry and Meghan are inviting the public to their wedding

Where you heard it: Vanity Fair
The report: VF’s dispatch relays an official statement from the palace, noting that Harry and Meghan are “very much looking forward to the day and to being able to share their celebrations with the public.” As for what that might look like, VF claims that the couple are looking to the wedding of Prince Edward (Harry’s uncle) and Sophie Rhys-Jones as a “blueprint” for their own big day. For that event, 8,000 members of the public were invited onto the castle grounds.
The sniff test: It makes sense that Edward’s wedding might provide inspiration, given that he too is a royal spare (as opposed to a royal heir), and Harry and Meghan definitely seem interested in bonding with everyday Brits. This seems like it could definitely pan out, pending a whole bunch of security concerns.
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The rumour: Prince Harry may not wear a wedding ring

Where you heard it: Hello!
The report: Harry’s index finger could remain naked, even after he says I do.
The sniff test: Given the Prince’s penchant for romantic jewellery, some new finger bling is probably in his near future, but it’s true that the decision to wear a wedding ring maybe the only thing not covered in the official guide to royal etiquette. William doesn’t wear one, while his father Prince Charles does, and per a statement from the palace, it’s really just a matter of “personal preference.”