Is The $750 Vitamix Blender Really Worth The Hype? We Put It To The Test

The Vitamix gets rave reviews online, but it’s expensive. Should you buy one?


If you’ve ever watched a cooking show or followed any health or fitness gurus, you’ve probably heard of the Vitamix by now. The high-end blender gets tons of five-star reviews and has a legion of fanatics praising its blending sorcery — but is it really worth the hype and the steep price tag? (A Vitamix will set you back anywhere between $450 and $820, depending on the model.) We put the $750 Vitamix Ascent Series A2500 blender — one of the company’s newer models — through three tests to see exactly how much better it could do compared to a regular household blender (in this case, a $150 KitchenAid model).

Test One: Dry chopping

The Vitamix A2500’s 2.2 horsepower motor and lightning-fast blades can apparently process whole food with ease. So we decided to blitz some roasted peanuts to see if it could make smooth, creamy peanut butter. Then, we put the regular blender up to the task. The results were surprising.

Test Two: Hot Soups

The Vitamix claims it can blend up (mostly) raw ingredients into steaming hot soup by the friction of its blades. This is a huge selling feature of the machine, but is it just a party trick? We tested it out with both the Vitamix and the cheaper model. The results were impressive.

Test Three: Smoothies

This is the reason everyone lusts after the Vitamix. Is the promise of a so-called perfect smoothie worth paying $750? We loaded up the pricey blender with a mountain of ice, kale and frozen fruit for good measure. Then, we did the same thing with the average blender. The resulting beverages were comparable, but the Vitamix smoothie definitely had one noticeable edge.

Watch the full video to see the verdict and find out if the Vitamix is Worth The Hype.

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