Vitamins and minerals to optimize your health in every decade

From folate in your 20s to vitamin D for bone support, find out when you should start taking which vitamins and why.

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In your 20s
Taking folate can improve the effectiveness of antidepressants, good if you’re struggling with the transition from student to full-time worker. It’s also essential if you’re planning for a baby.

In your 30s
Your metabolism naturally slows down during this decade. Keep it revved up by stoking the fire with magnesium, which may regulate blood sugar and may help stave off stubborn cravings.

In your 40s
Suffering from restless nights? Your body may not be producing as much of the sweet sleep hormone melatonin. This supplement can help provide a more natural snooze solution.

In your 50s
It might be getting harder for you to absorb essential B vitamins from the foods you eat. A deficiency in B12 can lead to extreme fatigue and feelings of frailty. Now might be a good time to top it up!

In your 60s
Keep your body feeling as young as your mind! Go for power-packed vitamin D to keep your bones strong. The sunshine vitamin helps improve your ability to absorb calcium for a solid skeletal system.

In your 70s
Chances are you aren’t getting enough essential nutrients from your diet alone. Dr. Clifford Rosen believes it should be mandatory for everyone 70 years of age and older to take a daily multivitamin.