Take your bike to burn fat, not gas

You burn more calories biking than other other means of transportation. Get the stats here.

Blue Bike With White Basket


If you’re considering leaving the car at home and taking your bike to work, consider these stats as even more proof to the benefits of cycling.

How many extra calories do you burn by:
Driving (30 min): 50
Walking (60 min): 204
Biking (30 min): 298
Walking (15 min) + Public Transit (15 min): 90

Bonus: If you take public transit, try standing instead of sitting, and you could burn three to five times as many calories per ride. Or get off a stop early; walking an extra 15 minutes burns up to 50 calories.

We Love It: Plan your route on hopstop.com, a clever site that will tell you how many calories you could burn, whether youre walking biking, using public transit or driving.