Goodbye, belly fat! Four exercises to work out your abs

10-minute workout: Target your core muscles with these tummy-toning moves

Exercise: Fishtail lifts

4. Fishtail lifts

Exercise: Scissor kicks

3. Scissor kicks

Exercise: Weighted bird dog

2. Weighted bird dog

Exercise: Lunging obliques

1. Lunging obliques



Before you begin: You need dumbbells

1. Lunging obliques
Lunge with left leg forward. Raise right arm diagonally overhead in a half-moon shape. Hold the stretch so you feel it in the right thigh and front of the right hip. Hold for three to five counts. Switch legs. Do 10 to 12 reps.

Perfect your form: Keep shoulders away from ears.
Dial it down: Perform the stretch from standing.
Amp it up: Do walking lunge stretches instead.

2. Weighted bird dog
Start in tabletop position with shoulders stacked above weights. Raise one arm forward and extend opposite leg back. Hold for three counts. Repeat on other side. Do three sets of 10 to 12 reps.

Perfect your form: Keep your body still during the movement, as though balancing a cup of water on your back.
Dial it down: Skip the weights.
Amp it up: Use heavier weights.

3. Scissor kicks
Lie with back on floor and arms at sides, palms facing down. Lift legs perpendicular to floor. Slowly lower one leg at a time to floor. Do three sets of 10 to 12 reps.

Perfect your form: Keep your spine neutral.
Dial it down: Bend one leg at a time at the knee, for a series of toe taps.
Amp it up: Hold arms two to four inches above ground.

4. Fishtail lifts
Lie on side with head resting on outstretched arm and legs raised slightly. Bend opposite arm across body. Raise top leg toward ceiling and hold for three counts. Repeat on opposite side. Do four sets.

Perfect your form: Keep pelvis stacked and don’t hike your top hip toward your ribs.
Dial it down: Hold position for fewer counts.
Amp it up: Place arm on hip and draw core into spine.

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