10 Spectacular Crepe Cakes You'll Want To Eat Right Now

Filled with layer upon layer of all the good stuff.

Photo courtesy of Lovely Appetite.

Bored of buttercream? So over pound cake? For your next big celebration consider trying a crepe cake instead. If you’re a fan of crepes — the paper-thin pancakes popular in France — you will love crepe cakes.

These cakes are exactly what they sound like — crepes layered between pastry cream, ganache, or whipped cream to form a cake. Typically about 20-30 crepes are used, but these cakes are often called “mille”(a thousand) cakes, because the thin layers they create appear infinite. As an added bonus, these layered beauties not only look gorgeous, they also create an incredibly light and tender dessert — no oven required! (Plus, no one really knows how many crepes you ate in one sitting).

Because no baking powder or yeast is used to make the crepes rise, they’re much more forgiving than your standard cake, and are easily adaptable to be gluten-free, paleo — or even vegan. From rich Nutella and banana to a triple-tiered wedding cake, there’s a crepe cake for every occasion. All you need to do is master how to make crepes, and get layering.

Here are a few crepe cakes that we’re loving right now:

Tiramisu Tower

When Italy and France come together beautiful (and delicious) things happen, like this tiramisu crepe cake with espresso syrup and Kahlua-laced mascarpone cream.

Wedding Layers

Crepe cakes can add a unique touch to even the most extra-special occasions. Case in point: this three-tiered vanilla crepe cake.

S’mores Stack

Yes, you read that right — a s’mores crepe cake. Chocolate sauce, toasted marshmallow frosting…who needs a campfire?

Salted Caramel Delight

Draped in a glossy layer of caramel, this chocolate crepe and salted caramel cream cake is simply mouth-watering.

Fancy Funfetti

When layered with pink pastry cream and doused in sprinkles, humble crepes turn into a chic birthday cake.

Strawberry Short-Crepes

Classic crepes, vanilla pastry cream, fresh macerated strawberries, all topped with crunchy cookie crumbs — this could count as breakfast … right?

Cookies N’ Cream Crepes

Everyone’s favourite sandwich cookie gets the French treatment with this perfectly layered showstopper.

Gateau Rouge

Put a fresh spin on red velvet cake with rich, red velvet crepes and a tangy cream cheese filling — a perfect Valentine’s Day dessert.

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This cake is covered in icing like a traditional layer cake, revealing the delicate layers inside when cut. Almond-flour crepes make a perfect pair for raspberry compote (and they’re gluten free).

Marvellous Matcha

Green pumps up the colour on this gorgeous matcha and adzuki crepe cake from Mille & B.

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