15 Of The Prettiest Gingerbread Houses On Instagram

Even if you don't have time to build your own — feast your eyes on these these gorgeous cookie constructions.

The crown jewel of holiday food displays, gingerbread houses are the perfect combination of challenging construction, sugar rushes, and creative interpretation. From the most miniature of cottages to the grandest of holiday palaces, the only limit is your imagination (and physics … or really good royal icing).

Here are just a few of the cookie creations throwing down the gauntlet on Instagram right now:

Ginger-Tiered House

With a dusky rose and robin’s egg blue paint-job, this gingerbread house is as polished and elegant as it gets.

Gingerbread Manor

Whimsical swirls of royal icing, paired with perfect drips of snow — and a side balcony — make this gingerbread house stand out.

Gingerbread Cathedral

When your house designs just aren’t big enough or grand enough.

Gingerbread Row

Why assemble the house in 3D, when you can line the pieces up to create a cozy street front? (Bonus: Try it when the pieces don’t match up after baking.)

Russian Palace

Who needs a cathedral when you can have a palace? Royal icing and fondant give these Russian-inspired onion domes their show-stopping look.

Mountain Chalet

It’s all in the details (just look at those icicles … and the brick chimney).

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Frosted Windowpanes

Level up here with a special window treatment. Caramel windows (!) give this cozy home an extra-special finish.

Old Town

Use foam cake dummies to create a hilltop town. Bonus: You can spend more time on the decor, and less on structural support.

Gingerbread Mansion

The golden windows, backyard solarium and patio make this royal-icing dressed house completely enviable.

Gingerbread Cottages

Less grand — but still completely adorable — are these cute winter cottages. Bonus: They’re perfect for small condo holiday decor.

 Gingerbread House

Complete with a balcony-topped, snow-topped wreath and perfectly stacked gingerbread trees out front, this house is perfect for any winter wonderland setting.

Gingerbread Tower

A Suessian five-side tower that leans just the right amount! A quirky and festive take on the gingerbread house.

Old Victorian

Level: Expert. Large, icicle dripped windows, candy cane pillars and a wraparound porch make this beautiful house shine.

Christmas Eve Delivery

Including Santa’s sleigh, complete with miniature presents!

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Country Barn

A rustic country barn to dream about escaping to for the holidays.

Originally published December 2017; Updated December 2018. 

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