15 Products That Show Why Canadians Are So Obsessed With Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's is a chain of small, friendly grocery stores in the U.S. with its own distinctive line of products, many of which have a cult following—and Canadians can’t get enough every time we cross the border. Here’s why.

About 80 percent of Trader Joe’s shelves are filled with private-label goods, many of which have a huge following. Trader Joe’s doesn’t advertise and it’s very selective about where it opens its homey neighbourhood stores. And there are none in Canada (though there are certainly plenty of Facebook groups lobbying the company to come north). In keeping with its folksy agenda, TJ’s best marketing is word of mouth or lately, the word of Instagram. You may have seen them, your Canadian friends flaunting the TJ’s haul from their latest trip stateside. Maybe you’ve requested they bring you back a jar of Everything But The Bagel Seasoning. Or perhaps you once booked your U.S. hotel based on its proximity to a TJ’s (not us, but we’ve heard of people who do that). Because the shopping experience–and the food–is that good. Consider this roundup your future wish list—and pack an extra empty bag.