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The Easiest Way To Fill And Fold Homemade Dumplings

Friday marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Let's dust off our dumpling-making skills and celebrate!

Chinese dumplings for chinese new year

Celebrate the Year Of The Dog by making homemade dumplings to enjoy with friends and family. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

The Chinese New Year is a chance for family and friends to gather and toast to happiness, wealth and good health in the coming year. The highlights of this auspicious holiday are the feasts that take place over the 15-day celebration. And dumplings are considered lucky because they resemble the ancient Chinese currency of golden nuggets.

While filling and folding Asian dumplings may seem like a complicated art form, with our step-by-step videos, you’ll be able to master these techniques in no time.

How To Fold Chinese Dumplings

We used store-bought round dumpling wrappers to make our delicious Chinese five-spice pork dumplings (shown above). They’re usually sold in twin packs in the refrigerated ethnic section of most grocery stores.


Tip: It’s important to brush water all along the edges of the wrapper to properly seal the dumpling.

How To Fold Tibetan Momo Dumplings

We made our own homemade dumpling wrappers for our vegetarian Tibetan momo dumplings (shown above). To make wrapping easier, your dough should be just thinner than 1/8-in. (Any thinner than that and the wrapper may rip).

Tip: You may find it helpful to use your thumb to keep the filling centered in the dough while gathering the edges of the wrapper together.