How to Make Weed Gummies

With the new water-soluble cannabis powders and extracts, making your own weed gummies has never been easier.

While sampling I tried some of the cannabis drinks available in Canada, I enjoyed finally having non-alcoholic beverage options that imparted a similar effect to alcohol, as well as an alternative to smoking cannabis or ingesting cannabis oils. I was especially excited to try the Dissolvable THC Powder—a water-soluble powder that is formulated to have a rapid onset of intoxication and relaxation effects in about 15 min. The powder can be added to beverages, from coffee to water and anything in between. It made me wonder–could I use it to make candy, too?

While it’s easy enough to purchase weed gummies online or in stores, making your own infused candy allows you to customize your preferred dosage and flavour. Another advantage: Because I’m using a rapid-onset powder, these gummies could potentially take less time to take effect, as compared to most retail edible products, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours to kick in.

I put the powder to the test by attempting my own weed gummies. Cannabis oils are great for making oil-based treats (like chocolates and cookies), but to make candies, you’ll need water-soluble powders (such as the Green Organic Dutchman’s Dissolvable THC Powder), or water-soluble extracts (such as Truss’s Veryvell Drops). Both brands are easily available for purchase via legalized online retailers such as OCS, BC Cannabis Stores or Alberta Cannabis. If you plan to visit a legalized brick-and-mortar store, I’d suggest calling in advance to make sure it carries one of these products.

After several attempts, I worked out a recipe I was happy with. These gummies need only four essential ingredients, and are ready to eat in 30 minutes. They’re portable, delicious and most importantly, quick to take effect (they took about 20 minutes for me). This batch will yield 20 x 1/2-tsp candies (or 10 x 1 tsp candies). But as long as you fill same-sized moulds, you can accurately calculate the dosage of each gummy—just divide the total THC mg added to the batch by the number of gummies made.

As with all edibles, keep out of reach from children and pets. If you are a novice user, always start low and go slow to figure out what dosage works for you. (My personal suggestion for friends who are new to edibles is trying 1 mg THC per serving, then—if you wish—incrementally increasing the amount of THC by 0.5 mg each subsequent time you use it.)

Weed Gummies Recipe

Makes 20 x 1/2-tsp candies
Prep 10 min; total 30 min

  1. 1 x 85-g pkg Jell-O powder (any flavour, or a combination of flavours)
  2. 2 x 7-g packets unflavoured gelatin powder, such as Knox (2 tbsp)
  3. 5 tbsp hot water
  4. Water-soluble cannabis powder or extract (I used a 10 mg THC pack of Dissolvable THC Powder)
  5. 1/2 tsp citric acid (optional, if you want to make sour gummies)
    Silicone candy moulds, or a box of cornstarch

  1. Combine Jell-O powder, gelatin and hot water in a 2-cup microwave-safe measuring cup (or a microwave-safe bowl with a spout). Stir until combined.
  2. Microwave at 10-sec. increments until the mixture starts to foam. (Checking at intervals will prevent the mixture from overflowing.)
  3. Once foamed (you’ll see the mixture rise and fall in the cup), stir until gelatin is dissolved and mixture is clear. It will be hot. Stir in cannabis powder or extract and citric acid until dissolved. (If you’re using the Veryvell drops, you can also just drop the desired amount into each mold cavity.)
  4. Carefully pour hot mixture equally into silicone moulds. Freeze until firm enough to unmould, about 20 min. You can eat immediately, or set gummies on a cooling rack and refrigerate to further firm up overnight. Store, refrigerated, in a sealed container up to 2 weeks or freeze up to 1 month.
  5. Calculate dosage per gummy. (I used 10 mg THC and made 20 candies, so each gummy contains 0.5 mg THC.)

How to make weed shots instead

You can also make shots by omitting the gelatin powder and adding 1/2 cup cold water to the melted Jell-O mixture. Divide mixture between small paper cups.

How to make your own mould for weed dummies with cornstarch

If you don’t have a silicone mould, you can create your own with cornstarch. Fill a baking dish with cornstarch, then smooth surface. Using a bottle lid (or a measuring spoon), carefully press into cornstarch. Make 20 1/2-tsp cavities (or 10 1-tsp cavities). Fill each cavity with hot gelatin mixture, then sift over a little cornstarch to cover. Let stand at room temperature for 15 min before removing gummies. (Cornstarch molds will dry faster because the cornstarch will absorb some of the moisture).

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