Harry Potter Kitchen Gear Is Here — And It's Brilliant

Represent your Hogwarts house in real life with Williams-Sonoma kitchen items inspired by the wizarding world.

Four silicon spatulas representing the Harry Potter Hogwarts houses

If you dream of sneaking your way into the Hogwarts kitchen for treacle tarts and pumpkin juice, you can soon bring that magic home, thanks to Williams-Sonoma’s new line of Harry Potter kitchen gear.

The American company debuted its crop of Hogwarts-themed goodies on Halloween, but they’re sure to be popular for wannabe witches and wizards this holiday season.

Red and gold Gryffindor apron

While the offerings are modest right now, Williams-Sonoma plans to release more food-related products in 2018 (like a self-stirring cauldron, perhaps?).

Right now, there are four different silicone spatulas on sale, one for each Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Gryffindor ($19.95 each) as well as aprons for both kids ($37.95) and adults ($59.95). You can easily get sorted online if you’re not sure which one to grab.

Blue, yellow, green and red spatula that say Harry Potter

For those who need even more Potter in their lives, Pottery Barn (a Williams-Sonoma brand), introduced a decor collection featuring an array of products, including a Hedwig lamp and a golden snitch clock. And those in Toronto can visit the city’s unofficial Harry Potter store Curiosa or The Lockhart Cocktail Bar (which also has a Montreal location) for food and drinks inspired by the wizarding world.

The Williams-Sonoma line will be available in Canadian stores (the spatulas are available now) and online — get a taste of it all on the American site.

Blue and grey Ravenclaw apron