Editor-in-Chief Maureen Halushak
Creative Director Sun Ngo

Deputy Editor Gillian Grace
Executive Editor Kathryn Hayward
Associate Lifestyle Editor Andréanne Dion
Assistant Editor Radiyah Chowdhury
Administrative Assistant to Lifestyle Content Sue Marteleira

Chatelaine Kitchen

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Senior Associate Food Editor Carolyn Lim Chua


Art Director Stephanie Han Kim
Associate Art Director Aimee Nishitoba


In-house photographers Carmen Cheung, Erik Putz
Digital Colour Specialist Nicole Duplantis
Production Manager Karen Richards

Branded Content

Executive Editor Ava Baccari
Editor Jessica Robinson
Project Managers Milena Boskovic, Mark Ocampo


Holly Allerellie, Lee Angold, Tina Anson Mine, Martha Beach, Donna Borooah, Martha Chan, Leeandra Cianci, Alicia Cox Thomson, Jen Cutts, Becky De Oliveira, Raina Delisle, Ashley Denton, Shanda Deziel, Catherine Doherty, Maia Faddoul, Christina Frantzis, Danielle Groen, Lindsay Guscott, Beth Hitchcock, Carlene Higgins, Sophie Hsin, Madeleine Johari, Serge Kerbel, Grace Kim, Matthew Kimura, Abby Langer, Stacy Lee Kong, Joel Louzado, Julia Mcewen, Colleen Nicholson, Daniel Onori, Mark Pupo, Kate Rae, Leah Rumack, Katherine Singh

Marketing and Business Services

Senior Business Manager Elzbieta Jurecka

Advertising Sales

Vice President, Corporate Sales and Client Solutions Brandon Kirk
National Account Managers, Toronto David Lawrence, John McDowell, Nicole Rosen, Roberta Thomson
National Account Managers, Montreal Ingrid Barfod, Melanie Mathieu, Martine Tourigny
National Account Manager, Vancouver Renee Wong
Brand Operations Manager Terry Smith

St. Joseph Communications

Chairman & CEO Tony Gagliano
Executive Vice-President Sarah Trimble
Senior Director, Product and Operations Sean McCluskey
Director, Lifestyle Content  Sasha Emmons
Director, Circulation Allan Yue
Manager, Circulation Lisa Rivers
Director, Business Planning Chris Johnston
Director, Custom Content Stefania Di Verdi (ON LEAVE)

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