Who would have thought...

In a world where even makeup has become high-tech, you have to wonder, what will they come up with next? Well in case you haven’t heard – there’s now a battery-operated mascara. Yup, it vibrates just like an electric razor. Okay, well not so much vibrates as buzzes and oscillates – tiny pulsating movements cause the brush to move back and forth. The theory is that the motion allows for better coverage of product on your lashes.

I am a die-hard skeptic so I wasn’t willing to jump on the vibrating-mascara bandwagon until I’d seen some solid proof on my lashes. So I snagged my own tube of Lancome  Oscillation ($40 at department stores nation-wide; Estee Lauder was the first with its TurboLash All Effects Motion mascara, $39), brought it home and bam: I’m a changed woman. I actually feel like people look at me differently now when my lashes are done. It’s a little treat that took my lashes from a natural to faux length in seconds. Believe me or don’t – you’ll have to test it out for yourself.

Lancome Oscillation, $40.

Kate Daley