Whip It good + crazy hair

drew barrymore's whip it premiere drew barrymore cast of whip it drew at whip it again
If you saw any of the coverage of the worldwide premiere of Drew Barrymore’s Whip It!  at TIFF last night you will also have noticed her newest questionable hairstyle.       D rew and cast at Whip It! premiere in Toronto. (Sorry for the terrible quality – my camera is old school!) Don’t get me wrong – I love Drew. She went from sweet-as-pie  in ET to wild child in her teen years, but her style and spirit were admirable all the way. So when I got the chance to go to her premiere and see the lady in person I was definitely impressed…. And of course, I couldn’t help but notice her newest hairstyle. It was a lovely blond on top,  cut in a Gwyneth-shoulder length style and then the kicker – black ends. Yes, you heard me, her ends were dyed black. It was like her stylist dyed all of her hair blond and then dipped her hair into black dye. (That may have actually been how they did it.)  I’m hoping it wasn’t the start of a new trend because seriously, that Christina Aguilera pink highlights thing was really terrible. Sorry Avril. Unless you’re an actual rock star this hairstyle likely won’t work for you. I must admit, while my initial thought was a horrified, “Oh no she didn’t” it surprisingly wasn’t that terrible on her. It matched her amazing yellow and black lace dress that gave her that lovely sense of glamour she’s started to pull off lately. But the one good thing about this style? You can cut it off. The movie was also hilarious, Ellen Page rocked, and there was some pretty sweet grunge styles that are so en vogue right now. So if you’re looking for some unique style inspiration this film will do it. And kind of make you want to buy roller skates. Stay tuned for more celebrity style spotting. –Kate Daley

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