Weekend style

Weekend style: Leather shorts with a slouchy blazer

Pair this look with the must-have shoe of the season: the ankle strap sandal.

Women in leather shorts

Woman in leather shorts and slouchy blazer

Summer leather? Yes! Take these roomy, pleated shorts out for dinner or a date. I’ve been known to cut my weathered leather pants into shorts, so if you can’t find the right pair in-store, go for the chop – it’s not for denim only. (If attempting this DIY project be sure to give yourself extra legroom for mistakes. Start by cutting a longer-than-expected length, then work your way up, trimming off material as needed.)

Lighten up the look and keep it polished by choosing a silky blouse that’s tucked into a vintage-inspired belt, and top it off with a blush-tone blazer. Grab an oversized clutch and some aviators. Add the must-have shoe of the season: the ankle-strap sandal. This is a shoe worth investing in for its classic and timeless shape.