Wardrobe Savers

lint roller miss oops rescue sponge mishap tape

Misbehaving bra straps, deodorant malfunctions and dog hair are a part of my hectic, everyday life….It’s those little things that take you from looking fabulous to horribly unkempt in a matter of seconds. So I rounded up a few of my wardrobe tips and tricks that will make you look put together no matter what morning mishaps occur. These Miss Oops products were practically made for busy women on the go.

To prevent wardrobe malfunctions ala Janet Jackson: Miss Oops Mishap Tape, $6. This double-sided tape is a real life-saver and if you’ve never tried it you’re missing out. Not only a stylists trick, I bring it on road trips because you just never know when you’ll need it. Stick it to your bra to keep a plunging neckline in place, tape your straps together or for a dress that just won’t stick to your strapless bra ‘ and voila! Instant hold. Love this stuff and you should invest in some if you haven’t already.

To get you out of a messy situation: Miss Oops Rescue Sponges, $8. These little sponges are truly essential. If you love black as much as I do you’ll know that no matter what deodorant you use it inevitably gets on your outfits. So instead of struggling with a washcloth and wetting your outfit (leading to the subsequent blowdrying which just adds time to your routine) you can try out these sponges. You don’t need to wet them and they’ll brush off the offending mark. They can even be used to get rid of makeup on your collar.

For those with furry friends: Miss Oops Lint Rollers, $6. (and refill.) I am constantly amazed at how my puppy’s hair gets everywhere. I’ll find it in my food, in my purse and all over my black leggings if I so much as look at her. She’s a cute blond lab but seriously, her hair is a nightmare for us LBD lovers. But ah, the beloved lint roller. These mini ones are perfect for keeping in your car, at the office or even if your purse. They’ll roll away all the pet fur in a snap so you look put together, not like you just came out of a petting zoo.

– Kate Daley