Wanna look like Drew?

lashblast mascara greg and drew
If you covet the look of starlet Drew Barrymore (sans weirdly dyed black tips) we’re here to help. I spoke with CoverGirl makeup pro celebrity makeup artist Greg Wencel who got the chance to meet Drew in the media room to get all the details on how to get the star’s look at TIFF this year. 

Drew Barrymore and Greg Wencel. He told me how he would do Drew’s makeup to achieve a similar look. Because the 80’s are so in this year, Wencel suggests going with a tough chic makeup look with a bit of rock ‘n’ roll. You don’t want to look too retro ‘ it’s supposed to look a bit made up but not garish. Get Drew’s look: Eyes: Wencel said to try smudging on a kohl black liner, rimming the entire eye and of course, always curl eyelash to open up the eyes. Then apply a bronze colour with a brush on the entire lid and sweep it underneath to smudge and blend the liner. Add depth to the outer corner of the eye with a deeper warm brown and fade it out into the temple. He recommends using a brush over your fingers for a more air-brushed look. Finish up with CoverGirl’s LashBlash Mascara to create a dramatic top and bottom lash. (In Drew’s new movie Whip It! the characters also used the new LashBlast Length on Ellen Page. “You can never have too much eyeliner, or mascara.”) Face and Cheeks: Wencel recommended using a bronzer to contour ‘ try sweeping it up into the temples for a modern 80’s look.You want to put it right in the hollow of the cheek and wrap it around into the temple. Just don’t drag your bronzer too far down into the jawline or it will create a jowl-like look. Then apply a lighter peach blush on the apples of the cheeks as highlighter. Lips: Try CoverGirl’s Wetslicks Amazemint shade in No Care Bare sans lipliner. If you want it to last longer than a press conference, put one of the lipstains underneath and then the gloss on top. As the gloss wears off you’ll see a hint of colour still on the lips. Not walking the red carpet anytime soon?  Even if you’re just going to a big event Wencel says you want to look well-rested and hydrated so you can try a moisturizing foundation, and of course, remember to smile for the cameras.

– Kate Daley