Three ways to support World Water Day

With the help of a trio of our philanthropic fashion friends, we are giving back (and you can, too) and celebrating the 19th annual World Water Day

Today marks the 19th annual World Water Day which was designated by the United Nations General Assembly to help raise awareness about sustainable water management and the importance of fresh water.

With the help of some of our philanthropic fashion friends, here are three ways we can help give back:

Obakki water bottle
Luxury Canadian fashion brand Obakki has partnered with A-list water bottle designer Bkr (pronounced ‘beaker’) to develop a cool water bottle. 100% of the proceeds from each water bottle will be donated to the Obakki Foundation who will use it to provide education and clean water for communities in Africa. For ever 500 water bottles sold, a water well will be drilled. To date, the foundation has drilled 200+ wells and provided water to over 200,000 people in need.

Buy a bottle and give back: Available at Obakki foundation’s online shop

Levi’s waterless jeans
When you think of clothing, you may not typically think about the water that’s required to manufacture them, right? Fashion veterans, Levi’s have developed a trademarked line of Water<Less denim using an innovative processes that reduces the manufacturing water by 96%! To date, Levi’s has produced more than 13 million Water<Less products and saved upwards of 172 million litres of water. 

Pick up a pair of these feel-good pants: Available at Levi’s Stores The Bay, and Sears 

Aqua-inspired scent
The Giorgio Armani Group together with Green Cross International are determined to fight the good water fight one litre at at time. Their second annual Aqua for Life challenge is dedicated to bringing 40+ million litres of fresh drinking water to communities in need across Ghana and Bolivia. Fragrance enthusiasts can contribute to this sweet smelling initiative by purchasing one of Armani’s two water inspired scents: Acqua Di Gioia and Acqua Di Gio. For ever perfume bottle sold, the fashion house will donate 100 litres of fresh drinking water to the Aqua for Life challenge. Last year, the Aqua for Life initiative raised 43.4 million litres of clean water with an estimated 650,000 of that coming from Canadian efforts (Go Canada!).

Pick up a bottle: Available at drugstores and department stores nationwide.