The word on the street: recessionista

Recessionista: If you’ve been reading through magazines and newspapers lately you likely have heard this buzzword more than once. And what exactly does it mean? There are blogs dedicated to it, fashion articles espousing its value and it’s becoming everyday slang as savings accounts dwindle and stock markets dive. A recessionista: She’s a fashionista for depression-era times. But being a recessionista doesn’t have to be depressing. We look at it as a challenge. Yes, it is called a depression but we think you should embrace your newly cost-conscious self in the following ways style-savvy ways:  Have a clothing swap with your friends and trade the outfits you never wear for new-to-you duds. o  Fish old dresses out from your closet and get them altered ‘ from long sleeves to short, from ankle-skimming hems to cocktail lengths ‘ for a fraction of the price of a new outfit. Save up for one classic outfit, rather than waste cash on disposable fashion, that you can wear to your next occasion out – you’ll cherish it for years.

 Search for great vintage buys everywhere from Goodwill to local consignment shops.  

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize: I love wearing a black dress and tights day in and day out ‘ it’s taught me to spice up my look by using cheap and chic accessories. And remember, the world of fashion never stopped turning before. If we look at the upside, we should be excited to see how the world of style will interpret this downturn. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the great deals and clothing re-inventions and we’ll try to help with our suggestions and tips. ‘

– Kate Daley

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