Get Tessa Virtue's Super-Cute Spring Look With Three Pieces You Probably Already Own

All you need for this outfit combo is three items.

Tessa Virtue can literally do no wrong, yes? OK, glad we’re on the same page. Here, everyone’s favourite Canadian ice dancing champion (side note: how much do you miss Tessa and Scott?) shows you how to put together three items you most likely already have in your closet and makes looking so darn cute appear so darn easy. Behold, your new go-to spring ensemble:


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The outfit combination of a pleated pink skirt, a basic tee and a leather jacket is so simple and stylish, we kind of can’t believe we weren’t already doing it. Think about your own closet — there’s a pretty good chance you already own a white T-shirt, motorcycle jacket — or really any kind of cropped jacket — and some version of a midi skirt, pleated or not. Put ’em together and knot (or tuck) the T-shirt and voila! — a Virtue-inspired look that’ll take you through the spring in style. Thank us (and Tessa) later.