Take your summer clothes into winter...

alex laws
Don’t do a complete wardrobe overhaul just because the thermometer is dropping. You can rework many of your summer items and take them into the depths of winter just by adding the right accessories. Trust me,  it’s easy as pie. (Mmmm, it’s also apple pie season!) Make your summer dress a  new fall outfit in the following ways. First, get ready to layer.

Even if you have a light cotton dress, putting on a wool cardigan, leggings and boots will make it easy to keep on wearing into the snow. Just be wary of certain summer items – there is the odd sundress that really just won’t work come fall. Try a variety of coloured opaque tights, layer a tee underneath a jumper style dress, and you can try different sweater styles on top.

Check out our copy editor Alex Laws in her retro Liz Claiborne number from our local Goodwill. It might look like it should be reserved for the summer months but it’s great for winter with the right add-ons. She can do black leggings or stick with tights. (Alex also has a red pair of tights that make more of a statement.) Add a cute cardiwrap on top with a belt to cinch the waist and there you have it, put-together on a budget. Or you can try a boyfriend blazer and some chunky accessories. She’s cute as a button isn’t she?