Summer hair advice from John Frieda expert

A few weeks back I met with Harry Josh, John Frieda‘s International Creative Consultant to get the scoop on the latest hair trends and most importantly how to control hair in the summer. And on hot day like today this seems fitting. Josh is definitely the expert to ask – he’s coiffed the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon and was named one of Vogue’s top 10 stylists in 2008. Plus, he’s got great hair himself and I was more than a little jealous. Josh gave me some valuable tips for taming my mane this season. 

Summer Tricks

 “It’s all about improving what you have,” says Josh, and the summer obviously increases frizz like crazy.

Curly Hair- For those with curly hair, embrace it. It’s getting far too hot out to spend time struggling with your blowdryer (and sweating while trying to get pretty is not conducive to makeup application) so don’t bother, says Josh. Don’t even diffuse. First, When you get out of the shower, try not to rub your hair in your towel. This will cause frizz immediately. Gently wrap hair in a turban. Take your Frizz-Ease product of choice, divide hair into 4 sections and put a pea-sized amount of product from root to tip and then comb it out so it equally distributes product. Then run out the door and let it air dry for smooth curls.

  • Try Dream Curls Curl perfecter, $11

Wavy Hair- Only blow dry your T-Zone… What does that even mean? Just do the front sections of your hair – that’s all people really see. Take a round brush, blow dry the top of your head- the front, left and right sides and the wrap your hair up in a bun. Apply some product to keep it all in check. Let it dry a bit, shake it out and bam, sexy waves and the textures will blend together nicely. You won’t cook yourself with your dryer, but you’ll still get a sexy chic look from the front with waves all around. The second Josh told me this, I’ve stopped doing the full blow dry. My morning routine? Much faster. Thank you Harry.

  • Seal your style with Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold hairspray, $11.

Accessorize – Hair jewels, headbands, braids to the side. When it’s hot out you don’t want your hair puffing up all over the place. Style and then use a hair comb or a pretty barrette and pin it up at the front. People will notice the statement piece and not any out-of-control flyaways. Josh loves Jennifer Behr’s products and I kind of want them all… 

Stay tuned for more summer tips as the weather heats up. –Kate Daley