In my office there’s a disapproving man who looks at me all day. No it’s definitely not my boss – she’s far too sweet. The man who constantly frowns at me is a fashion force to be reckoned with.



  His name is Tim Gunn and he’s a former chair of New York’s infamous Parsons The New School of Design, the home of Project Runway for us TV addicts – of which Gunn was also a mentor. I put his picture up in my cubicle to give me a stern look every now and again when I’m feeling a little flighty and unfashionable. “I’m concerned,” is his token statement when looking at a droopy-crotched pant or a flimsily made designer item.

  For those of you who don’t know who he is or who haven’t seen Project Runway , check out his own show’s website Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style . He’s definitely a man to learn from as his show illustrates, a great dose of humour. His main mantra is that every woman must own the following 10 fashion items:   1. a basic black dress 2. a trench coat 3. classic dress pants 4. a white shirt 5. jeans 6. a cashmere sweater 7. a skirt 8. a day dress 9. a blazer 10. a sweat suit alternative   I’m still working on my list à la Gunn: Currently, I’m saving up for that good-quality black suit – I figure I’ll get the blazer and skirt all at once then. So, my advice for the day: Post pictures of the things that inspire you in your work space. Whether it be a frowning fashion maven or a beautiful garment, inspiration is the key to fashion success.   –Kate Daley