Sore feet solutions

They say you shouldn’t judge a man (or woman) until you walk a mile in their shoes. So whether it be a catwalk model or a politican, what they wear on their feet matters. As a style editor, I feel the pressure to gallivant around town wearing sky-high heels. But running from place to place in said shoes is not really an option for me. (Plus, carrying boxes of beauty products or garment bags is enough to topple me over sans heels.) But despite trying to wear reasonable shoes my poor tootsies take a beating. That’s why I love that other people know how to invent things to make my life easier. This summer I have no doubt I will try every invention on the market to avoid mangled feet from my cute sandals. One of my top picks to try this summer are Dr. Scholl’s Rub Relief Strips. The tape comes in a convenient dispenser, you place them on the inside of your shoe to prevent rubbing, and they have foam on the side touching your foot. Ingenious!  Another trick I’ll be trying is the Dr. Scholl’s Rub Shield– this is perfect for those who have sling backs or Tory Burch style flats. It can literally save the back of your ankle. Stay tuned for more warm weather tips and tricks. –Kate Daley