Save the Whales?

hayden pic hayden
Whether you’re a Heroes fan or not, you likely know Hayden Panettiere as the pretty, perky blond in the tabloids. And now you can shop her closet for yourself. Or you can shop her closet for your daughter or as a present for a big fan. That’s right, something straight from Hayden’s overflowing closet to yours. And all to benefit whales. Huh? How? She’s been in the news for a little legal trouble she got into in Japan but the girl’s on a mission. “It’s my dream to put an end to illegal whaling around the world, and I’m asking you to be my hero and help spread the word,” she says on her website. So she’s cleaning out her closet of samples, and you can buy them online. A percentage of proceeds go to the Whaleman Foundation’s Save the Whales Again campaign. Kind of a cool idea if you want to check it out here. ‘Kate Daley