Ratgirl Jewellery

love the 80s diamond earrings mix tape colours mix tape neck mix tape necklace

I’m about to give away a really cool find and I hope you readers use this information wisely. I came upon a line of jewellery that plays upon all the things I love ‘ humour, retro items and music. It’s called Ratgirl and it’s pretty fun. I first saw it last year at the One of a Kind Show and it was so unique I had to snap some up. Actually, my sisters and I all bought pieces for each other for Christmas from her collection of hand-drawn plastic designs. Ratgirl creator, Canadian Krissy Ross, even customized the chain length for us while we waited. Look below for the piece I picked out.

I admit, I haven’t had as much opportunity to wear my turquoise mix tape necklace as I thought but just knowing it’s there to throw on for retro dance party nights makes me happy. She also has tons of other creative designs like these diamond earrings below. Where else can you buy diamond earrings for under $20? Nowhere, that’s where. I’m pretty sure these also come in studs. Which I still need to buy!

I’ve only come across one other girl with a Ratgirl necklace and we both stopped and had a big chat about what a cool find it was. And now Ratgirl has her own website so you can check it out no matter where you are. You don’t need to go to the shows to buy her stuff either ‘ it’s all available online on Etsy. If you haven’t been on Etsy to buy everything from unique paintings to jewellery, you’re missing out. I’ve even gotten former eBayers addicted. I apologize to your credit card right now.  

This bracelet is called I love the 80’s. And who doesn’t?

Check out her super affordable wares online. Trust me, if you love a bit of retro chic and unique Canadian designs this is for you.

– Kate Daley