How to look killer hot in a photograph

George Pimentel is a Canadian celebrity photographer who's snapped hundreds of stars on the red carpet and knows everyone's best angle, from George Clooney to Madonna.

Jennifer Garner follows George's golden rules when he shoots her at the Oscars; Photo by George Pimentel

Jennifer Garner follows George’s golden rules when he shoots her at the Oscars; Photo by George Pimentel

1. Strike your pose

Make it count: Stand up (sitting can make you look bloated), don’t slouch, put one foot forward, your hand on your hip and keep your chin down. Never put your arms behind you: It will look like you don’t have any.

2. Find the perfect angle

Face the camera straight on so that you don’t reveal too much of your body profile, like your belly (if you’re self-conscious about it). To show the best angle for your face, turn the side your hair parts on toward the camera.

3. Gather yourself and get composed

Get organized: Make sure there’s nothing in your teeth; take off your coat; show off the outfit you went to all that trouble to pick.Put down anything like a wine glass or cellphone, or stash it in a hand that won’t be visible in the shot.

4. Know your best smile

Practise in the mirror beforehand and know what feels natural and comfortable, but no matter what, don’t over-smile (it shows wrinkles and makes you squint). Instead, smile more with your eyes. Your charm and charisma will show through.

5. Stay focused

Don’t be shy. Look directly into the lens and be confident and sexy. Be present. Own it. Own the photo, own the photographer and own the pose.