Organized jewellery chaos

I fight a constant battle between organization and complete chaos. I think it’s partially the nature of my profession and partially the nature of being a woman with lots of clothes, jewellery and shoes and very little downtime.

Now here’s the biggest difference between me and my lovely married friend Meghan. She’s insanely organized and I’m not. Now don’t get me wrong, in my daily life my organization manifests itself in countless to-do lists that catalogue the hundred and one things I must finish before the end of the week and usually accomplish. But when it comes to my jewellery, be it cheap costume pieces or Tiffany’s, I just don’t know what to do with myself.

There seems to be no organizational solution that works. Mostly, I keep my jewellery in small Tupperware drawers. They are sad and unglamorous. A necklace holder I attempted to use? Even sadder. I knocked it down once in my morning rush and all of my beautiful strands tangled together in a mess that nearly brought me to tears.

Now check out my organized married friend’s solution.

The Hayworth Jewellery Armoire at Pier 1 Imports, $300.

Isn’t it wonderful? Closed, it’s a beautiful mirrored cabinet, open you can see all of the great accessories she’s picked up on her world travels. She recently moved into her new husband’s bachelor pad and she’s managed to work with a tiny closet and still make their shared space look chic, without sacrificing her fashionable pursuits.

Or here are some other options:

Lux Jewelry Box at West Elm, $90.

Malm 6-drawer chest at Ikea, $200.

Splurge on something similar, try a necklace tree, decorated hooks on the wall or even Tupperware drawers done right may work for some. Just not me.

I’m saving up for a fancy cabinet myself.

– Kate Daley