New Year's New You

sportek platinum

With New Year’s resolutions abounding I’ve decided to start hitting the gym more often. (Big surprise I know.) But with triathlon season only a few months away and also bikini season it seems like now is the time to jump start a more committed routine. Mostly because I can see the light at the end of the snowy tunnel (come on warm summer this year!) and partially because like everyone it seems that the cookie to vegetable ratio has been a little uneven lately. And with this new year’s resolution it is necessary to invest in some sweet new gym fashions to keep myself motivated. Want to know a few of my favourite haunts for nice but not overly pricey gym wear?  Zellers Sportek line – From running wear to yoga and gym duds, try on their pants to sports bras. And their prices range from $10 to $40 so you’ve got no excuses! (And it’s cute – check out the pic above.) Winners – Find a variety of name brand workout wear but be prepared to hunt. Nike – They seem to have sales abounding at the moment so invest in some funky coloured sports bras. Adidas – I love the comfort of their running shoes and their Stella McCartney line, while not exactly cheap, is so fun it feels like you’re not wearing workout gear at all. Old Navy – With an abundance of size options and breathable material, this store is a great place to pick up running pants and tops. Lululemon – Again, while not exactly easy on your wallet, these clothes are nice enough to motivate you to show off at the gym. Besides, they suck everything in so you can feel a little bit better about those extra holiday treats. Outlet malls – Scope these out. Look them up online, travel to the States or find the ones on the outskirts of the city. Trust me, it’s worth stocking up on your favs when you find a quality outlet! And of course with all of the January sales on go search out the latest deals on workout gear. Check out deals online and special promotions at department stores like Sears and The Bay. Let’s wish each other luck!

– Kate Daley