New Hair Innovation: Moroccanoil Light

moroccanoil light

For major fans of Moroccanoil there’s some exciting news – a new version of your haircare staple is in stores now called Moroccanoil Light! Formulated with the same fabulous argan oil, this one was created for those who are hesitant to try the original for fear of greasy, flattened or darkened locks. (Fear not though, I have blond, fine to medium thick hair and the original is perfect for my overwashed and overprocessed mane!)

But this lighter consistency is great for the elasticity of the hair and is perfect for those with fine texture.

Trust me, there’s no potential for a flattening effect with the original but this lightweight formula will keep your strands moisturized and is a little on the lighter side. And both are perfect for fair or lighter coloured hair. 

Try it out now and let me know what you think! I would love to know how it stands up to the original.

Moroccanoil Light, $39 for 100 mL.

Check out their info on the site:

– Kate Daley