My boyfriend jacket

MY BOYFRIEND JACKET I have mixed feelings about the ’80s from a fashion standpoint. I find, for instance, the geometric shapes and bold primary colours jarring. And leggings? Well, I’m still a little love-hate on them.  I was crazy for the over-the-top accessories that characterized much of that decade of excess, the black opaque tights and the supermodels, who by today’s standards were downright curvy. I have also harboured affection for the era’s boyfriend jacket: I loved its slouchy ease, how its sculptured, shoulder-padded shoulders made me feel slimmer-hipped beneath, how it immediately added style substance to something ho-hum or too-high-school beneath.  This season’s boyfriend jacket still offers me that, although its shoulders are characterized by a softer, more elegant silhouette. The piece still looks terrific with jeans and boots and over a tee and pencil skirt. Or if your style is more romantic and bohemian-leaning, the design simplicity of a boyfriend jacket is a lovely contrast to layer over this spring’s many printed dresses or tunics.    Colour-wise, pick a neutral shade: Black is a no-brainer and my first choice – like little black dresses, I don’t think it’s possible that I can own too many black jackets – but soft grey or tan would be terrific assets in your spring wardrobe.  And for the record, I don’t have a boyfriend. This is just about clothes. Really. I can hear my husband joking with me, “Deb, do you have a boyfriend? And doesn’t he want his jacket back?”  — Deborah Fulsang

ABOVE: Stella McCartney’s boyfriend blazer offers bum-covering, tummy-sheathing and tuxedo-style chic. STYLE.COM

BELOW: Club Monaco’s Abbie boyfriend blazer is a great fashion foil to a flower-print dress. CLUBMONACO.COM