Made in Canada: Roots boots

roots boots
I know I’ve been harping on about winter boots but I think if you choose the wrong pair they’ll wreak havoc on your winter. And if you find multiple pairs you like they’ll make it splendid and fashionable.    Roots, in collaboration with Kamik, a Quebec-based footwear brand, is introducing weather-resistant boots. Made from waterproof leather, it also has a sheerling collar, a rubber sole and protects against temperatures as low as -40°C. Finally! Someone heard our call for style and comfort. Because no one wants frostbite. Been there, done that.    Roots Winter Boot, $218. Available in black and tan leather for both men and women in sizes 7 to 12 for men and sizes 6 to 10 for women. Check it out at select Roots stores or online at now. – Kate Daley