Lisa's beauty secrets

Tips from our beauty editor to keep you looking your best

I’ve incorporated many tips from our experts (see 33 hot insider tips)  into my beauty regimen. Some of my favourites: applying makeup with my fingers (it’s so easy), not highlighting my hair during my period (who’d have thought?), and heating up my eye lash curler (it really sets the curl). Here are a few others I’ve adopted over the years:

• I keep my nail polishes, top coat and strengthener in the fridge. The cold helps prevent the liquids from thickening, making for easier application.

• My cuticles get so dry in the winter that I’ll often dab them with a waxy lip balm at night.

• Some retinol-based moisturizers make my complexion red and my skin feel tight. Instead, I use these creams on my hands before I go to bed. The retinol helps even the skin tone and diminish dark sun spots.

• I never get my bikini line waxed during menstruation, because my skin gets too sensitive and the redness takes longer to subside.

• My travel makeup bag is lighter than ever thanks to such innovative new products as cleansing towelettes (they take the place of my makeup remover, cleanser and exfoliator); solid perfume (it comes in a small compact–no more large bottle); nail polish remover pads (I always forget to bring the bottle); and self-tanning towelettes.

Household treasures
You won’t find these beauty fixes at the cosmetic counter, but they still do the trick.

Toothpaste A dab on top of a blemish helps clear it up.

Visine It helps clear bloodshot eyes and the angry redness of a new zit.

Talcum powder A light dusting combed through greasy locks helps soak up excess oil if you don’t have time to shampoo.

Baking soda Mix it with water to form a paste that helps sweep away dead skin cells.

Witch hazel This drug store basic is a gentle toner for all skin types.

Beer Pour a can of flat suds over towel-dried hair, let sit for five minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. You’ll have shiny, bouncy hair in no time.

Beach sand Wisk away dry patchy skin by walking barefoot on fine sand.

Olive oil Add sheen to dry hair by warming a couple drops of olive oil in your palms and then patting lightly over your finished style.