Lancôme's Newest Video Makeup Artist

michelle phan
Love doing your own funky makeup at home and want to make a career out of it? Well it seems that nowadays you can with sensations like Michelle Phan. The 22-year-old student began creating YouTube videos and has become a phenomenon. So French beauty brand Lancôme, decided to make her their official video makeup artist. Not a bad gig if I do say so myself! Her videos have been watched 117 million times and her YouTube channel has 500,000 subscribers. Her videos are unique because she shows you how to get all different kinds of looks. I watched the one called Clubbing Makeup last night and though I’ve attended hundreds of beauty events, seeing makeup application broken down so simply was eye opening. I learned a lot and that’s saying something!  I will definitely be watching more for inspiration.  “Michelle is a true makeup prodigy,” says Serge Jureidini, President of Lancôme USA. “She represents the next generation of both makeup users and makeup artists.”  Lancôme is one of the  first luxe beauty companies to add a social media star to its brand. Their other leading ladies include Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts,  and Kate Winslet. Find her videos online.  – Kate Daley