Kevin Murphy's Online Tutorials

kevin murphy
Our style interns Jessica Bloom and Stephanie Meadows give you the scoop on the latest: Australian hairstylist turned entrepreneur, Kevin Murphy, features lightweight products for every hair type. His company helps out the environment with recyclable packaging, the animals by not testing on them and you with his interactive website. Here are the top 3 reasons why we like Kevin Murphy’s Website:

  1. The Hair Type Guide gives you nine different options and the products that will complement your hair. Click on the product you’ll find out what it does and how to use it. It’s as clean and simple as his signature block-shaped bottles.
  2. The Podcast Listing is a great source for product information, demonstrations and tips from the stylist himself. You can download the videos straight to your ipod or cell phone if you want to show the style to your own hairstylist.
  3. The Salon Finder points you towards a salon that stocks Kevin Murphy products. There are places almost all over Canada                                                                                          – Jessica Bloom and Stephanie Meadows