Joe Fresh Beauty Update

body mist
Who doesn’t love Joe Fresh? I mean, seriously. You can head off to pick up bananas at your local Superstore and come back with a whole new outfit. Have you seen the green plaid blazer out right now? I sadly cannot find my size at any store but I would definitely sacrifice my food budget for it! Yeah you heard me, I’ve put back food at the cash register because I was buying too much clothing… But at that price I’d definitely pick new shirt over an avocado. (Sorry body.) The brand has already launched their great affordable makeup brand and lo and behold they’re now launching bath and body products this fall. How much more could this brand do? Lots more I hope! And of course, the newest selections are super affordable. All the bath and body products are from $2 to $6 and will be available at over 400 stores. Try the rich scents of lime, nectarine, pomegranate and even stock them in your guest bathroom just because they’re pretty! They have a body wash, balm, polish, mists (above), hand soap and a scrubbie. You can also buy them in travel kits. Perfecto for carry on sizes. Oh, and if you have yet to try the Joe Fresh Beauty line I’d recommend the makeup brushes (the concealer one is my new go-to) and the great lip stains. –Kate Daley

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