How to wear bright makeup

While we may normally associate brightly dusted lids with the air of springtime, this season the cosmetic pros behind the most coveted looks really shook things up


Lining the eye, Jil Sanders


Metallic shades, Keystone Press


Bright shades, Keystone Press


Sandra Bullock, Keystone Press

Q: Can I wear bright makeup for fall?

A: You sure can! While we may normally associate brightly dusted lids with the rejuvenating air of springtime, this season the cosmetic kings and queens behind the most coveted looks really shook things up. Red and golden orange created a warm gaze at Thakoon. Dazzling tones of aqua appeared at Zac Posen. And at shocking teal was used to update the always-chic cat eye. Copying a makeup look straight from the runway is rarely advisable, but there are key take away tips here that can help you incorporate bright colour into eye looks for fall.

Tip #1: Mix with metallics
Shimmering shades of gold, bronze, copper or silver can give colourful shadow an autumnal twist. To compliment a wash of colour on lids, try adding a sliver of a metallic on your lower lash lines. Be sure to keep the line soft, smudging it slightly to avoid harsh edges. You can also use a metallic to add depth to a coloured shadow by blending it over top, concentrating on lids and into the crease.

Tip #2: Build on black
The smoky eye is a perennial fave on fall/winter runways, but this time around makeup pros added vibrant colours to the traditional black and grey palette. The effect was show stopping, and is a brilliant idea for your next night out or upcoming special event (hello, holidays!). This look starts with black or dark grey liner on top and bottom lash lines to heavily define eyes, and moves in to a seamless blend of singular colour in multiple tones. Blue is a good go-to, so layer deep blue over the black liner. Use a medium blue over lids and the lightest shadow on brow bones. Use the darkest shade again to deepen the crease. And don’t forget to add a dab of the lightest tone to inner eye corners. This brightens up a dark eye look, and helps eyes sparkle.

Tip #3: Line it up
With colour making such a statement, an impressive eye look doesn’t necessarily need to be elaborate. A vibrant slash of colour (think the classic 60s’ inspired cat eye) can be just as visually arresting as a rainbow of shades – and is a genius move if you’re short on time. Colourful liquid liner is an option if you have a very steady hand, or intermediate makeup skills. If not, dip into powder shadow using a damp angled brush and draw in a thin line. Lining the eye in sections, starting from the outsider edge working inwards, rather than attempting one continuous line will yield the best results. For creative flair, add a subtle upturned notch at outer corners. Now you’re set to have all eyes on you.

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