Great guy-style trousers

Theory pants: They offer great fit and timeless, uncluttered styling.


I have a very strong inner tomboy; perhaps it has something to do with growing up with three brothers. Fashion-wise, it fuels my love of masculine-inspired clothes: a great white shirt, tuxedos, simple T-shirts, motorcycle and equestrian boots and of course, guy-style pants.

Black, flat-front trousers with variations on the leg silhouette, from slightly flared to fuller and cuffed are part of my year-round uniform. They team up with almost anything, from a dramatic and fashiony bowed blouse to a super-simple, merino-wool turtleneck, and never let you down.


For the record, my go-to brands for never-fail black pants include:

At the Canadian designer level , Lida Baday and Joeffer Caoc cut beautiful pants, and the ones I have bought are so well made and well-styled, that I’m still wearing them five to 10 years later. Seriously. So yes, they’re pricier, but amortize that, and you’ve made a good fashion investment. (I’ve got my eye on a couple of pairs that were in the Comrags fall collection, too, that were full, mannish and fantastic. (From about $350-$500.)

The Theory label likewise rarely disappoints in the pant department. Look to it for a range of slim to classic styles. I wore out my last pair, they were so great. (About $300-$400.)

And I love Club Monaco for its trousers – and their matching jackets, too, if you’re inclined to have a suit option in your closet, which is never a bad idea if you can afford it. CM’s pants are sleek, stylish, flattering and urban. Just take the time to try them on at the store as there’s a range of fit to accommodate slim, adolescent builds as well as a curvier, more womanly forms. (Between $100 and $149.)

For city-dwelling bargain hunters, there’s Zara . The quick-fashion retailer often carries a simple black wool-blend trouser that is cut simply and elegantly with just the right amount of flair to the leg. When I’ve worn mine, I’ve had fashion-insider friends query quietly after their designer creator: “Who’s are those?” they’ll ask (About $70.)

And check out Reitman’s if you’re a mall-frequenting bargain hunter. Its Comfort pant, with a flattering contoured waistband and swishy leg width seem modeled after some of the above trousers. It also offers a very inclusive range of sizes. (A steal at $35.)

— Deborah Fulsang