For all the Scots out there


If you’re Scottish or just have a great sense of humour, this post is for you.

When I first saw this item, I dismissed it as a prank gift. But then as I started showing it around to other people something about it hit me – this is truly hilarious! I know a lot of people that would love this… I must write about it!

I should also preface this by saying that I am also the sort of person that dresses up their dog in costumes for kicks. (It was a leprechaun costume, I got it in Ireland. It made so much sense at the time. Also, did you see the Croc bed post? Cleary I love kitsch.)

And back to the great gift idea.

Behold, the Instakilt, a kilt-patterned towel created by Glaswegian James Buchanan. Born in Scotland, Buchanan emigrated to Canada in the late 1980’s and clearly brought some of his Scottish roots with him. He created this towel in 2005 and I can see why it’s a hit.

Photograph: Glenn Correa

How great is this?

There’s a red, green and blue Instakilt and of course one for your little Scottish lassies and lads. The adult unisex version is $20 and the child’s is $15. (That’s right, unisex ladies.)

It’s pretty cheeky. Check it out for yourself or your Scottish friends. Save this gift idea for Christmas or your next cottage weekend! Buy it on their site now.

– Kate Daley